Sliding Service Windows

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Ready Access sliding pass thru windows can be used as a sliding reception window, sliding drive thru window, interior pharmacy window or any transaction need.   The sliding service window design provides lots of glass for light and visibility and leaves the counter free for staging orders or paperwork.  The operable panel slides behind the fixed panel, so no moving parts extend toward the customer. 

Manual windows slide open on overhead rollers with just a finger or two on the handle.  When let go, they self-close and latch via gravity so they cannot be pushed open from the outside which provides security and privacy.  They can be adjusted to eliminate the self-close, or equipped with a magnetic hold open device (MOER) or motor that will open and close the sliding transaction window with either a presence sensor or push button.   

Single panel sliding service windows are handed, so you must specify L/R or R/L slide from the exterior (customer’s) view.

Showing all 17 results