Service Windows with Security Drawers

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Ready Access offers many security transaction window solutions that incorporate security drawers and deal trays.  This protects the attendant while passing IDs, payments, or product through a transaction drawer or deal tray.   Windows with deal trays can be used as cashier windows, school check in windows, stadium ticket windows, government office reception windows, and more.  Teller drawer windows with small transaction drawers can be used for banks, financial institutions and guard shacks.  Windows with large transaction drawers are ideal for pharmacy and convenience store applications.  

First decide if you want a FIXED PANE security transaction window with all transactions happening through the deal tray or security drawer only, or if you prefer an OPERABLE PANE security transaction window design which offers the opportunity to conduct business face-to-face when desired.  Security transaction windows can be specified with different levels of security or bulletproof glass depending on your needs. 


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Showing all 10 results