Parts & Service


    if known

    (5-6 digit number on interior post of window or near controls of air curtain)

    Ready Access warranties manufacturing defects, but not issues related to installation and regular maintenance such as electric connections, door adjustments, chain & cable reattachments.

    For manuals and troubleshooting guides that may get you to a quick solution without a service call – see Parts & Service (

    If service call is requested – we will send you the contact number for an authorized service agent.  The site will be responsible for scheduling the call at a mutually convenient time.   When scheduled, the tech should be given uninterrupted access to the window for fastest resolution.

    If you would like Ready Access to pay for the service call under warranty, our service team will first need to talk to someone standing in front of the window to trace the nature of the problem to ensure it is a manufacturing defect vs an installation or adjustment issue.

    How-To-Coordinate-Manufacturers-Warranty-Claim.pdf (