Ready Access is SPECIFIED WORLDWIDE!International orders can be placed 3 ways:

  • The order is placed by a corporate headquarters and shipped to a corporate distribution site.
  • The order is placed by a consolidator like H&K or Franke who will consolidate the window(s) with other items and ship to the final destination.
  • Order is placed by a contractor, dealer, franchise group, or franchisee.

Customer arranges shipping /customs through a freight forwarder. Forwarder will pick up at the factory, or order can be shipped to either US coast.
For Canadian customers who do not have a freight forwarder, order can ship ABF “collect” with Hemi-
sphere customs brokerage.

Ready Access is SPECIFIED WORLDWIDE!Ready Access packs on heat treated skids and provides a commercial invoice, Certificate of Origin, and packing list, along with the weights/dims of the shipment. Documents can be sealed by the Chamber of Commerce if requested

For large orders, “live load” pack/brace/seal of container at the factory can be arranged. Depending on the window selected, up to 50 windows fit (1) 20’ container.


Most popular international configurations:

275 SC
275 SC with AA100 air curtain (220-240 / 60Hz)
600 SC with hurricane rated glass
600 MOER with insulated glass and an AA300 heated air curtain
Bump Out 48 SC (Puerto Rico)
Bump Out 10 SC
Bump Out 2 or 4 — Semi automatic
601 SC with S&G Glazing and Big Reach Drawer
131-6 Electric (220-240 / 60Hz)


Ready Access is SPECIFIED WORLDWIDE!If within the warranty period (first year of ownership), Ready Access will troubleshoot via email and send parts per management’s discretion. International labor is not covered.

To initiate a warranty request, please provide serial number of window, email pictures, and explain the issue. Service Manager: or general email

In addition there are service videos and manuals available on the website:
Service Videos:

International service agents listed on website can be contacted if the window is out of warranty and the operator is paying directly.

To download PDF follow this link International Policy