Adding a Drive thru Window Shield Sneeze Guard

Ready Access has long offered a factory installed glass window shield as an accessory. But given the current Covid-19 climate, there is now a retrofit sneeze guard solution available that is more finished/professional looking than the duct tape variety you may encounter. Helps with Social Distancing.

Security Windows – designed to Serve and Protect

Security windows with deal trays or security drawers are everywhere – pharmacies, schools, convenience stores, stadiums, banks, pharmacies, dispensaries, government buildings, corrections facilities, theaters, hotels and more. As you choose a security transaction window for your project, take these questions and examples into consideration.

Protect Your Window and Door Opening with Air Curtains

Air curtains protect your operation & make staff more comfortable when windows & doors are open. Air flow deflects insects car fumes & dust. It also helps prevent heat and air conditioning loss. Ready Access AA100 and AA300 air curtains are uniquely designed for drive through /walk up transaction windows, with the proper vertical coverage and quiet operation.