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131 Bi-Parting Sliding Window
The 131 Bi-Parting Window is the perfect enhancement to the drive-thru concept, offering unobstructed views of customer and crew. 

This attractive and economical window is ideal for a drive-thru or walk up application. The large service opening is suitable for both large and small operations. It is available in two standard window heights, 37 3/4" H and 43 3/4" H.
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2 Standard Sizes Available

  • Model 131: 53-1/2"W x 37-3/4"H with a 18"W x 31"H service opening
  • Model 131-6: 53-1/2"W x 43-3/4"H with a 18"W x 37"H service opening
  • Custom sizes available upon request. (width is limited to 53-1/2" only. Tallest is 55".)

3 Modes of Operation

  • Manual Open/Self Closing - Ready Access Patented Technology -So simple to operate, the service door opens effortlessly and both doors automatically slide shut when operator releases the handle.

  • Manual Open/Manual Close (available upon request only) - When total control over the operation of the window is needed.

  • Fully Automatic Electric -With a hands-free operation, the Electric Window is ideal for heavy traffic situations. It provides easier operation and speedier service than the manual operating windows. 

Ease of Operation    
  • In a manual operation, the inside attendant pulls the door handle, and both doors part from the center to either side. With a fully automated operation, the operator simply steps into the presence sensor and the movable window panels slide open. When the operator steps out of the presence sensor, the movable window panels automatically close. The range for the presence sensor is adjustable and the unit is field adjustable to the length of time the window will stay open.

  • Adjustable Service Opening on fully automatic electric openings -Operators can easily adjust the window for two convenient opening sizes at any given time. By simply pressing a button the doors will open to either 12"W or 18"W serving area. 

Quality Construction

  • Anodized aluminum extrusions, stainless steel and 1/4" tempered glass combine to give you an attractive window that not only enhances building exteriors, it will not rust, pit or weather. Track free bottom sill provides for a contaminant free surface.

Unique Design   

  • Bottom sill is angled downward to provide protection against the elements such as rain, sleet, and snow.

Double Security Locks   

  • The 131 Bi-Parting Slider automatically locks each time the window closes, providing security when the window is left unattended. When the drive-thru is closed, manual security locks help prevent outside entry. In high risk locations, an optional security bar set is available to discourage and prevent after hours break-ins.

Fully Assembled, Ready to Install     

  • Ready Access windows are shipped completely preassembled, and fully glazed for lower installation costs. Normal installation takes less than two hours.

Warranty and Service Support    

  • Your Ready Access window comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor. Each window is backed by a worldwide service organization.


  • The 131 Bi-Parting Slider is available in statuary bronze or clear anodized aluminum.
  • 2 standard window dimensions available (see above)
  • 1/4" Clear Tempered Glass
  • 3 Modes of Operation Available (see above)


  • Tinted glass is available upon request.
  • Powder coat painting is available in a wide range of colors.
  • Custom sizes are available to satisfy any unusual operations requirement or health department code.


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Inside latch/handle
Thumbturn lock
Security bar
Custom size
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We have made every attempt to provide accurate information; however manufacturing processes and design changes may occur and modify information provided herein.
*Please note that all 131 fully automatic windows must be 53-1/2" wide.
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Glass Type:
This model is not available with insulated glass. ​See our 606 Series for insulated glass.
Please note: Custom sizes are limited to 53-1/2" wide only and the tallest is 55".
**An RAL# can be found on our paint chart or from Tiger Drylac and must be provided when ordering a painted finish.
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