Large Security Drawer

Large Security Drawer

Easily mount this secure transaction drawer thru a wall beneath a window. Includes a large transfer area for packages, bags, bottles, beverage cases and gallon containers.  Ideal solution for convenience stores, pharmacies, corrections, dispensaries, financial institutions, government projects, or fast food restaurants in high risk areas.

Suitable for interior or exterior applications. Includes Level 3 Bullet Resistant faceplate insert and interlocking lid to prevent physical contact between operator and patron.


  • 21 ¾”w x 16 ¾”d x 15”h (transfer area 18 ¼”w x 14 ¼”d x 9 ½”h)



Securely transfer products and currency through a 9 ½” deep transfer area.  Load product from top on interior.  Depress button on handle and press forward to smoothly open drawer.   Drawer extends 10” toward customer when open.

  • High quality stainless steel construction.
  • Interlocking lid and interior lock.
  • Easy installation. Install through wall and attach housing to counter top.
  • Suitable for interior or exterior applications.



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