Medium Service Drawer

Medium Service Drawer

Popular and affordable walk up security drawer solution.  Easily mount this transaction drawer thru a wall beneath a window.   Includes a large transfer area for packages, bags, back packs, beverages and more.  Ideal solution for convenience stores, corrections, dispensaries, schools, and government buildings.

Also popular for restaurants / businesses looking for no-contact pick up at a walk up location.

Suitable for interior or exterior applications.   Includes Level 3 Bullet Resistant faceplate insert and hinged interior cover to prevent physical contact between operator and patron.


  • 18”w x 25”d x 9”h (transfer area 13-3/4”w x 9-5/8”d x 7-7/8”h when deal tray is removed)



Securely transfer products and currency through a 7-7/8” high transfer area.  Load product from top on interior.  Depress button on handle and press forward to smoothly open drawer. 

  • High quality stainless steel construction.
  • Hinged interior cover and lock.
  • Removable deal tray.
  • Easy installation. Install through wall and attach housing to counter top.
  • Suitable for interior or exterior applications.



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