Fixed Window with Security Drawer or Deal Tray


Anodized aluminum extrusions and stainless steel combine to give you an attractive window that can be used for interior or exterior applications.  Safely transact business through the deal tray or transaction drawer of your choice.

  • Fully assembled, pre-glazed and ready to install.
  • Dark Bronze or Clear (silver) anodized window frame with Stainless Steel Deal Tray or Transaction Drawer.
  • Available with a variety of standard glazing options to meet your security and budget considerations.
  • Available with a variety of speak thru or intercom options.
  • Available with a drop-in counter deal tray, thru-wall small, medium or large transaction drawer, or no transaction component at all.

Standard Features

Standard Sizes of Fixed Window:

  • 24”w x 36”h
  • 48”w x 48”h
  • 60”w x 48”h
  • 72”w x 48”h
  • Customizable

Standard Glazing Options

Choose the appropriate glass for your project:

VALUE    1/4” clear tempered glass w/ aluminum speak thru

IMPACT RESISTANT SECURITY   3/4” Smash & Grab impact rated Lexan

(note: this model not tested for Hurricane)


  • 3/4” Lexan Level 1 Bullet Resistance
  • 1 1/4” Lexan Level 3 Bullet Resistance

Standard Speak Thru Options

Choose the best system for communicating with your patrons

¼” Clear Tempered Glass

  • Aluminum Speak Thru
  • Intercom

Impact or Bullet Resistant Glass

  • Lexan Speak Thru
  • Stainless Steel Speak Thru
  • Amplified Speak Thru
  • Intercom

Transaction Drawer or Deal Tray Options

Choose the deal tray or drawer that best suits your transaction needs

  • Drop-in Counter Deal Tray – most affordable option, suitable for interior or covered applications.
  • Small Transaction Drawer – suitable for documents, currency, keys or small packages.  (L3 bullet resistant face plate)
  • Medium Transaction Drawer –suitable for packages, book bags, beverages and more.  Most popular for walk up applications.  Includes removable deal tray.  (L3 bullet resistant face plate)
  • Large Transaction Drawer –suitable for packages, bags, beverage cases and gallon containers.  Flip down face plate makes this the best choice for drive thru applications.  (L3 bullet resistant face plate)

Custom Options


  • Interior Transaction Windows
  • Ticket Windows
  • Teller Windows
  • Bullet Proof Transactions (L1 and L3 Bullet Resistance)
  • Bank
  • Cashier
  • Concession
  • Convenience Store
  • Corrections (Prison/Parole/Municipal)
  • Dispensary
  • Distribution Center
  • Medical Office/Hospital
  • Office Reception
  • Park / Zoo / Aquatic Center
  • Pharmacy
  • School
  • Stadium
  • Theater


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