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601/603 Series Security Window
Introducing the only completely modular flushmount security drive-thru system designed to meet your specific security needs. With options including a selection of security glazing, a bullet resistant transaction drawer, and a fixed or movable service door, this window is adaptable to your level of security needs.
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2 Standard Sizes Available

  • 47-1/2"W x 58-1/2"H with a 19" wide x 35" high service opening
  • 47-1/2"W x 50-3/4"H with a 19" wide x 27" high service opening 

(Custom sizes are not available for this model)

4 Modes of Operation -601 Model Only

  • Manual Open/Self Closing - Ready Access Patented Technology -So simple to operate, the service door opens effortlessly and automatically slides shut when operator releases the handle.
  • Manual Open/Manual Close (available upon request only) -When total control over the operation of the window is needed.
  • M.O.E.R. (Manual Open/Electronic Release) -The Manual Open/Electronic Release Window has a manual open, self closing operation which electro-magnetically holds the window open until the operator finishes their transaction and steps out of the presence sensor. 
  • Fully Automatic Electric -With a hands-free operation, the Electric Window is ideal for heavy traffic situations. It provides easier operation and speedier service than the manual operating windows. 

The 601 series has a movable Service Panel

  • This offers the option of serving customers personally. The service panel self latches each time it closes and features a deadbolt lock for complete security during closed hours.

The 603 Series has a Stationary Panel

  • In high risk areas the fixed glass allows for ample visibility without the risk of face to face contact.


  • 3/4" Insulated Glass -Increases energy efficiency by providing a barrier against outside environmental factors such as heat and cold. Glass can be tinted.

  • Impact Resistant Glazing -Offers protection against "smash & grab" theft and forced entry.

  • Level 1 Bullet Resistant Glazing -Offers protection against "smash & grab" theft, forced entry, and gun shots. Glazing is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories as providing Level 1 (9mm) protection per UL Standard 752.

  • Level 3 Bullet Resistant Glazing 603 Model Only -Ideal for high risk businesses and locations. Protects against break-ins and attacks. Glazing is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories as providing Level 3 (.44 Magnum) handgun protection per UL Standard 752.​

Level I Security Cash Drawer OR Level 3 Transaction Drawer

  • Cash Drawer: The stainless steel cash drawer allows for the secure transfer of currency without the risk of personal contact. The level I cash drawer is 12"W x 4"H x 17" Deep. It extends 11" and is equipped with a money clip and change holder. 

  • ​Security Transaction Drawer: The stainless steel transaction drawer allows for the secure transfer of goods and currency without the risk of personal contact. A large 18-5/16"W x 9-1/2"H x 14-9/32" Deep transfer area is large enough for a case of soft drinks while the money clip and change cup allow for the convenient handling of money. The drawer automatically locks when closed and has a manual latch lock to prevent break-ins when the facility is closed. Features level 3 bullet resistance protection.

Speaker System                             

  • The pre-wired speaker system provides clear communication with customers without the need for face to face contact.

Quality Construction

  • Anodized aluminum extrusions and stainless steel combine to give you an attractive window that not only enhances building exteriors, it will not rust, pit or weather. Track free bottom sill provides for a contaminant free surface.                 

Triple Security Locks

  • The 601 automatically locks each time the window closes, providing security when the window is left unattended. When the drive-thru is closed, a manual thumb turn and night bar security locks help prevent outside entry. In high risk locations, an optional security bar set is available.

Fully Assembled, Ready to Install

  • Ready Access windows are shipped completely pre-assembled, and fully glazed for lower installation costs. Normal installation takes less than two hours.

Warranty and Service Support

  • Your Ready Access window comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor. Each window is backed by a worldwide service organization.


  • The 601/603 Series is available in statuary bronze or clear anodized aluminum.
  • Right to left or left to right opening available (as seen from outside view).-601 Model Only
  • Four operating modes available; manual open/manual close, manual open/self close, manual open/electronic release, and fully automatic electric. -601 Model Only
  • 2 standard window dimensions available. (see above)


  • Tinted glass is available upon request.
  • Powder coat painting is available in a wide range of colors.

(Custom sizes are not available for this model)


Click here for more pictures:
(Click on image to enlarge)
Security bar (601 only)
601 (with operable panel)
603 (no operable panel)
Inside view
601 inside view with Level 3 transaction drawer
Exterior view
603 Series
Click here for the installation/service/operation manual:
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*Please note that all 601 fully automatic windows must be 47-1/2" wide.
Opening direction:
-601 Model Only
(Speaker system is included)
-601 Model Only
Ready Access has 600 Series approvals for Hurricane "Impact" and "Non-Impact": 
  • Miami-Dade approvals: Impact NOA # 16-0307.06 ; Non-Impact NOA # 16-0307.07
  • Florida State approvals, FL5102.1 Impact, FL5102.2 Non-Impact 
We have made every attempt to provide accurate information; however manufacturing processes and design changes may occur and modify information provided herein.
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**An RAL# can be found on our paint chart or from Tiger Drylac and must be provided when ordering a painted finish.