For retail operators who want to get an edge on their competition by offering customers convenient, face-to-face service, the 275 Single Panel Slider is perfect. Ideal for fast food, walk-up service, and many other applications.
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275 Single Panel Slider

4 Standard Sizes Available

  • 47 1/2"W x 43 1/2"H with a 19" wide x 36" high service opening
  • 47 1/2"W x 35 3/4"H with a 19" wide x 27" high service opening 
  • 47 1/2"W x 35 3/4"H with a 15" wide x 27" high service opening (Calf. App. Restricted Requirements)
  • 35 3/4"W x 35 3/4"H with a 15" wide x 27" high service opening (Manual Open/Self Closer or MOER Only) 
  • Custom sizes available upon request.

4 Modes of Operation

  • 275 Manual Open/Manual Close -When total control over the operation of the window is needed. 

  • 275 M.O.E.R. (Manual Open/Electronic Release) -The 275 Manual Open/Electronic Release Window has a manual open, self closing operation which electro-magnetically holds the window open until the operator finishes their transaction and steps out of the presence sensor. Two electrical hook up options: New MOER Design

  • 275 Fully Automatic Electric -With a hands-free operation the 275 Electric Window is ideal for heavy traffic situations. It provides easier operation and speedier service than the manual operating windows. 

Quality Construction

  • Anodized aluminum extrusions, stainless steel and 1/4" tempered glass combine to give you an attractive window that not only enhances building exteriors, it will not rust, pit or weather. Track free bottom sill provides for a contaminant free surface. 5/16" Safety & Burglary Resistant Glass Now Available!

Unique Design

  • Bottom sill is angled downward to provide protection against the elements such as rain, sleet, and snow.

Triple Security Locks     

  • The 275 automatically locks each time the window closes, providing security when the window is left unattended. When the drive-thru is closed, a manual thumb turn and night bar security locks help prevent outside entry. In high risk locations, an optional security bar set is available.

Fully Assembled, Ready to Install     

  • Ready Access windows are shipped completely preassembled, and fully glazed for lower installation costs. Normal installation takes less than two hours.

Warranty and Service Support    

  • Your Ready Access window comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor. Each windows is backed by a worldwide service organization.


  • The 275 series window is available in statuary bronze or clear anodized aluminum.
  • 4 standard window dimensions available (see above)
  • 1/4" Clear Tempered Glass
  • Right to left or left to right opening available (as seen from outside view).
  • Four operating modes available; manual open/manual close, manual open/self close, manual open/electronic release, and fully automatic electric.


  • Custom sizes are available to satisfy any unusual operations requirement or health department code.
  • Tinted glass is available upon request.


Door guide (exterior view)
Inside upright
Door guide (interior view)
Shown with Transom
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**An RAL# can be found on our paint chart or from Tiger Drylac and must be provided when ordering a painted finish.
*Please note that all 275 fully automatic windows must be 47-1/2" wide.
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This model ONLY comes with 1/4" tempered glass.
For 3/4" insulated glass ,and more, see our 600 Series.
*Please note that all 275 fully automatic windows must have at least 19"W service opening.
*Please note that all 275 fully automatic windows must have at least 19"W service opening.
Cut Sheet
Installation/Service/Operation Manual
Cut Sheet 
with transom and air curtain options
Door guide (exterior view)
Inside upright
Door guide (interior view)
Shown with Transom
Stainless Steel Shelf (47-1/2"W x 10"D)
Large Security Bar Set (black)
16"H Attached Transom
AA300 Heated Air Curtain
AA100 Flyfan
Include attached 16"H Split Transom to house flyfan
Air Shield Switch (AA100 only)