Window with Transom & (2) Sidelights

Window with Transom & (2) Sidelights

¼” Clear Tempered or ¾” Insulated Low-E Tempered (Solarban 70XL)

Surround your pass thru window with fixed glass panes for a friendly, clean, more open feel.  The fully assembled window ships with a 16” solid glass transom attached and sidelights shipped loose.   

Two package sizes available.

  • 83.5”w x 59.5”h (for 84”w x 60”h rough opening)
  • 104”w x 59.5”h (for 104.5”w x 60”h rough opening)

It can easily be adapted to different geographic zones by adding an air curtain ILO the transom.   Or, add an RAC window air curtain to the inside that cannot be seen from the exterior.  Simply choose the appropriate configuration for your climate.


Anodized aluminum extrusions and glass combine to give you an attractive, functional, affordable transaction window that will not rust, pit or weather.  Track free bottom sill provides for a contaminant free serving surface.  Bottom sill is angled downward to ensure rain, sleet and snow are deflected away from the interior.  Self-latches every time it closes so it cannot be pushed open from the outside.  Also includes a thumb turn lock and night locking bar.

  • Pre-glazed and ready to install.
  • Transom ships attached, and sidelights bolt to sides of window through predrilled holes.
  • Dark Bronze or Clear (silver) frame
  • Specify L/R or R/L slide direction from outside view

Standard Features

Standard Size:

Overall Frame Size

83.5”w x 59.5”h (7’w x 5’h rough opening) 

4” deep if ¼” clear tempered glass is selected, 4.5” if ¾” insulated low-e tempered (Solarban 70XL)


Standard Glazing:
  • 1/4” Clear Tempered
    • Value choice
  • 3/4” Insulated Low E Tempered (Solarban 70XL)
    • Maximizes energy-efficiency and staff comfort.   Estimated to save 33% on energy costs associated with the window.  Provides additional security by featuring two panes of glazing vs one, and a security lip in the frame to help prevent forced entry.
Available Operating Systems:
  • (SC) Manual Open / Self Close adjustable to Manual Open / Manual Close
  • (MOER) Manual Open / Electronic Release – electromagnetic hold-open device with presence sensor
  • (E) Fully Automatic Electric

Custom Options


  • Restaurants
  • Ticket Windows
  • Teller Windows
  • Foodservice projects
  • Restaurant Drive Thru
  • Restaurant Walk Up
  • California Health Code Compliant (when restricted opening / air curtain selected)
  • Concession Windows
  • Car Wash
  • Convenience Store
  • Dispensary
  • Distribution Center
  • Guard Shack
  • Liquor Store
  • Medical Office/Hospital
  • Office Reception
  • Park / Zoo / Aquatic Center
  • Parking Garage
  • Pharmacy Interior
  • Scale House
  • School
  • Stadium
  • Theater

Chain Restaurants

  • Burger King


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